Sierakowski & Son - Carriages

 We are a family business and we have been involved in blacksmithing and horse carriage production for many generations now. At the beginning of 20th century, in 1901, our great grandfather Stanisław set up his own blacksmith workshop and he trained his three sons to become blacksmiths. Right now we are the fifth generation of the Sierakowski family working in the horse-carriage business. The old artisan traditions and excellent workmanship handed down from one generation to another generation guarantee the quality of the best hand-made carriages that meet sports competition requirements. All our carriages are tailor-made to meet our clients’ needs. Our range includes several dozens of carriages meant for different purposes from walking, sports and communal carriages. Every carriage comes with a warranty and includes post-warranty service. We invite you to take a look at our wide range on our website.